Steelers Chat Page

Please Keep The Following In Mind:
While in Ironic's Steelers Chat Room....

You should remember to respect others.  This includes language usage.
(If someone objects to any harsh language, please tone it down.)

Please remember that everyone has their own opinions, which they are
entitled to.

Chat topics do not have to be Steelers-related.  However, NO cyber-sex
will be tolerated.  (FYI: Yes, EVERYONE is sexy, and the kind of
underwear they are wearing is most likely clean, or close to it.  LOL!)
(Sorry folks.... just had to include a little inside joke there for me and my friends.)

Have Fun!



In no way, shape, or form am I affiliated with the Pittsburgh Steelers or the NFL.  I wish I had
married into the Rooney Family, but that just wasn't in the Plan.

Questions?  Comments?  Mail them to Ironic.
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Gooooooo STEELERS!