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Info on the new stadium being built.

Front View (KDKA-TV, courtesy of HOK Sports)

Info about the Stadium:
Will seat 65,000
More seats on the lower level and along the sidelines
State-of-the-Art scoreboard and sound system
Open end at the south end zone -- providing view of downtown skyline
The stadium will also host concerts and other large events
OF COURSE, Steel will be a primary building material!!!
There will be a roof structure over the upper seating bowl
The construction site is on the old Kaufmann's Warehouse site
Steel structure construction scheduled to begin in December, 1999
Anticipated date of completion: August, 2001
(Basic info from  -- click to read more)

                 Outside view                                         South end zone

Overhead view

Seating Charts


Click HERE to see pics of the new practice facility on the South Side
This field is shared by the Steelers and the Pitt Panthers.  The Steelers used to practice on the Three Rivers field.

For more pictures and info, go to:
KDKA Channel 2 in Pittsburgh

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Last updated on September 11, 1999.

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