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*** I ALWAYS update the scores as soon as I can after a game. ***

Wednesday, September 22, 1999
        ¤ Added links to FOOTBALL.COM  Another great site for football fans!

Wednesday, September 15, 1999
        ¤ Added ListBot email list to the page so I don't have to worry about bounce-backs when I send out the Update Emails.

Saturday, September 11, 1999
        ¤ After taking a major break from updating the page over the summer, I've finally given the site an uplift before the start
           of the 1999 regular season.  Besides, much of what happens in the preseason has little or no effect on the regular
           season.  What matters is what happens from that first game and on..... at least that's MY opinion.
        ¤ You'll notice some great new graphics....
                » New header graphic on the MAIN page.  Made this myself, and am damn proud of it!
                » New helmet graphic.  Yes, I know that previously, the steel emblem was on the *wrong* side of the helmet, but I
                   had settled for the previous graphic (for a short while) because of it's superior quality.  After searching and
                   searching for a new graphic of equal quality and coming up empty-handed, I decided to work with what I had and
                   see what I came up with.  Well, you've seen what I got..... the steel emblem is on the correct side, yet it's
                   "off-kilter", as I like to put it.  I thought this gave the helmet a unique, futuristic look.  Then I blurred the entire
                   graphic.  Overall, I'm pleased with it.  Let me know what you think!
                » New divider line graphic.  I call it the HR line graphic.  Made this myself, yet again.  I think it just adds a little
                   something extra to the site than just your run-of-the-mill HR line.
                » New imagemap graphic.  I changed the helmet graphic in the middle so it was PC (Politically Correct)(LOL)
                   and matched the other one above it.
                » New ASG (All Sport Gold) Webring graphic.
                » New LoveFootball.com graphic.  This is an exciting new site, dedicated to the FANS of football.  It kicks off on
                   Sunday, Sept. 12, 1999, with the first kickoff of the new season.  We've traded links, and plan to have a great
                   football relationship!  You can also get a FREE web-based email address @lovethesteelers.com!!!!  Be sure to
                   check it out, starting on 9/12/99.  (Mail me at ironic@lovethesteelers.com)
        ¤ I updated a few links on the FAN page and MEDIA page.
        ¤ I added a new section on the New STADIUM.  It has some pics, info, and links.  Check it out!
        ¤ And, last but NOT least..... Check out the updated 1999 BROWNS Team Photo -- you may see the *same old
           faces* LOL, but the comments have changed.  I'm ready to continue the rivalry!!!

Saturday, April 10, 1999
        ¤ Added 1999 Draft information to News page.
        ¤ Added 1999 Schedule.  Also added a printer-friendly Schedule page.  Both include Pre-Season games.
        ¤ Added the Steelers Store.  It has links to Amazon.com for Steelers-related books, videos, and music.  I hope to
           one day include other Steelers merchandise, such as clothing.
        ¤ Added the Steelers Store to the imagemap.
        ¤ Added the latest news to the News page.

Tuesday, January 5, 1999
        ¤ Made and added *new* imagemap on main page to replace the text links.  Conserves space and looks nicer.
        ¤ Linked together Fan and Media Link pages on the new Links page through the imagemap.
        ¤ I removed the Email page which featured email from fans.
        ¤ Other small things were changed or added throughout the season -- not major enough to mention here.

Saturday, September 5, 1998
        ¤ Updated Pictures Page..... smoothed out the layout and added some new pics to Cowher's
           page, Kordell's page, and Bettis' page.  Also added some pics for Wolford, Strzelczyk,
           and Vrabel.
        ¤ Added a Video page with links to videos on the net.... Featured is Nike's Kordell and Bettis
           QuickTime videos.

Saturday, July 25, 1998
        ¤ Updated 1998-1999 Cleveland Browns Team PHOTO.  *LOL*
        ¤ Added August 1st Pre-Season Hall of Fame game on the "Next Game" Table on MAIN
        ¤ Added Steelers FORUM.  I felt this was a great tool to have on the page.  Fans can use it to
           look for Steelers items ("classifieds", if you will....), unload tickets to games, find tickets to
        ¤ Added Ironic's Steelers CHAT Room.  I think this is the most exciting addition to this page
           since the survey.  It'll be a great place to meet after the game or the big news to discuss, sulk,
           bask in the glory, say "I told you so...", and lots, lots more!

Wednesday, July 15, 1998
        ¤ Added news to the NEWS page.

Sunday, June 14, 1998
        ¤ Added a new subpage..... Steelers EMAIL Page.
        ¤ Fixed a few broken links.

Sunday, April 5, 1998
        ¤ Added a few new links to the FAN Page.
        ¤ Added late-breaking news on the NEWS Page.
        ¤ Took the word "Slash" out of Kordell Stewart's name on my PICTURES Page, at the urging
           of  a fan who said, "Make no mistake, KORDELL STEWART is the STEELER QB!"
           Thanks, Kevin.

Friday, April 3, 1998
        ¤ Just a little dusting-off of the ol' faithful Steelers page to let you all know that I haven't
           forgotten about it or you...
        ¤ Nothing major done this time around.... just tweaked a few things, wordings, etc.  Nothing
           new to add. -- I lied!  I just found the '98 Schedule! --  Looking for news, etc. about players
           and next season.  If you have something to add, mail it to me.
        ¤ Added a few new links to the FAN Page.  Check them out!
        ¤ Added Football Link Exchange Banner to MAIN page.
        ¤ Added 1998 Schedule!!!
        ¤ Added a second PageCount Counter for a contest.  (Ignore the # of hits on it.)
        ¤ Added a NEW section:  Steelers NEWS.  Check it out!!!
        ¤ Added a Printer-Friendly 1998 Season Schedule.  Friendly SCHEDULE.
        ¤ Well, I guess I did a little more than I thought I did when I updated this page.  Lucky you!

Sunday, December 28, 1997
        ¤ A few things were added between the last update and this one, and I forgot to mention
           them here.... I was too worried about getting the stuff uploaded to take the time here.
        ¤ Added a Post Season schedule to the SCHEDULE Page and MAIN page.
        ¤ Created and added the POST SEASON Page, which has injury reports and other info.
        ¤ Finished and uploaded the MEDIA Page.
        ¤ Finished and uploaded the FAN Page.

Tuesday, September 30, 1997
        ¤ Reworked PICTURE Page...... it took too long to load up with ALL the pictures on
           one page.  Now, there are links to each of the different players for whom I have pictures.
        ¤ Added "Update Notice via Email" on MAIN Page.

Thursday, September 18, 1997
        ¤ Made and uploaded SCHEDULE Page.
        ¤ Uploaded PICTURE Page and corresponding GIF's/JPeg's.

Wednesday, September 17, 1997
        ¤ Added PageCount Counter banner on MAIN Page.

Monday, September 15, 1997
        ¤ Uploaded MAIN Page and corresponding GIF's

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